Petra Gerousse, an artist from Antwerp, delves into the depths of confrontation through her artistry. Her guiding principle is the stark interplay of life's contrasts, inviting each viewer to embark on a personal journey within her creations. These dynamic pieces elicit self-reflection, gazing into the depths of one's inner self with an unflinching, critical eye.


Emotion is the lifeblood of every one of her works. They bear her personal, deeply intimate touch, offering a window into the ever-evolving landscapes of her mind and embodying a delicate vulnerability. In her artistic repertoire, Petra's subjects often revolve around portraits of deep, raw emotions and serene, yet hauntingly still forests.




Her portraits capture the very essence of human emotion, revealing the turmoil, joy, sorrow, and resilience that dwell within us all. Each brushstroke and every detail serve as a mirror reflecting the soul's myriad facets. Furthermore, Petra explores another dimension of her artistry with painted canvas adorned with intricate stitches. These stitches represent how we, as individuals, strive to keep ourselves together amid life's tumultuous journey, symbolizing the strength and resilience that comes from within.


In contrast, her depictions of still forests convey a profound sense of tranquility, yet beneath the surface lies an eerie, almost supernatural presence. These serene woodlands invite contemplation, their stillness a canvas for introspection, each tree and shadow bearing witness to the unspoken stories of the world around us.


Petra's multidisciplinary artistry shines through in her masterful use of black, a powerful and evocative choice that accentuates the contrasts in her works. Whether through portraiture, forest landscapes, or stitched canvases, her art serves as a profound exploration of the human experience and our inherent resilience.